What is Brand Name Nerd?

Brand Name Nerd is the collaborative efforts and Sarah Louisa Burns and A. M. Stockwell. Originally started in 2018, the duo teamed up in 2021 to bring their favorite art pieces, personal flair, and design chops to a digital platform to take advantage of drop shipping.

What is drop shipping / print on demand?

Drop shipping and print on demand are services we use to bring you the widest variety of custom designed products.

We create the artwork, and use these tools to design individual products that best showcase the works we have made. Those companies handle production and shipping the products, leaving us with more time to keep creating!

What shop do I need for .... ?

How come this design isn't on this other shop / product?

Not every design is on every product in every shop for a few reasons.

For most the answer is .... we simply didn't know then what we know now; sometimes things just don't look so good as our talents and style have grown.

In other cases, the digital documents have been lost, or the original illustration sold so we are unable to scan and update to meet new digital standards.

Never hurts to ask, however.

Does this come in another color?

Sometimes you like an item but just the color isn't for you. Let us know and let's see what we can do!

We can create custom orders and adjust patterns to your favorite colors, depending on the project.

Do you take commissions?

We are open to design! Connect with us to start discussing the project.